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feel forced to defy the u.s. and strike iran on its own? and the one thing this deal is doing, it's getting the obama health care failure off the front pages, at least for now. but new revelations about the disastrous healthcare.gov are coming to life this evening and they do not bode well for the future of the entire program. all the stories and more on the "kudlow report" starting right now. >>> good evening. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in tonight for larry kudlow, and this is "the kudlow report." despite continued white house optimism tonight for the new deal to curb iran's nuclear program, skeptics are not letting up, even harry reid says more sanctions may be needed instead. nbc's steve handelsman joins us now with the details. steve? >> reporter: michelle, thanks. here in washington a lot of senators in both political parties say they're ready to vote like the house already has for tougher sanctions. but president obama is asking them, and when he spoke today to israel's benjamin netanyahu, he also presumably asked the hard-line israeli leader give me six more months to see
's john harwood joins us now. john, give us the insiders take on what went down at the white house. >> reporter: we're still trying to figure it out. this was a long meeting. it went for two hours. you can tell they were down to some nitty gritty business because neither the white house nor the insurance executives had been willing to talk so far after that meeting. but it was interesting that the president, when he greeted the executives at the outset of the meeting and let photographers in for a few moments indicated the meeting was not only about that fix he outlined but about the broader task of enlisting insurance executives to help the white house surmount the problems of the obama care website which are preventing so many people from learning what their options are and buying insurance. here's the president. >> because of choice of competition, a whole lot of americans who always seen health insurance out of reach are going to be in a position to purchase it. and because of the law we're also going to be able to provide them help even if they are still having trouble purchas
us with the details. >> it's controversial within california itself. they have voted against allowing health insurers to renew a million plans that have been canceled because of the new standards. those ensuspeciall insures incl the of the estastate's largest. now, the concern is that it may disrupt the enrollment on the exchange which is going well in california. 80,000 have signed up, over a third are over 65, at less than a quarter under the key younger dw demographic. dave jones called it a disservice to consumers but admits there is little he can do about it. he says insurers like cigna which are not selling plans on the exchange have been trying to extend plans for their customers through next year. california isn't alone. other states that have bimt their own exchanges seem to be trying to protect their turf and they're seeing relatively smooth enrollments, so they're also saying no including new york, massachusetts, minnesota and washington state. >> this may be a dumb question, but for these big insurers, you mentioned stig in cigna, the bl out there, can they go and do what
million monthly active users. a strong presence in the u.s. and as well as overseas. but its competitive edge is the worry. lastly, its lack of profitability. but the bulls set all that aside at least for today. >> all right, we'll talk to you later in the show. thanks for that wrap-up. now, president obama just wrapped up an interview with chuck todd and the issue is all those canceled insurance policies because of bobama care. and another senate democrat is introducing a new bill to delay the health care law mandate. joining us more eamon javers. what is your take? did president obama really apologize for breaking his promise about keeping his policies? >> that's the question here, larry. the question is was this an apology or not. this is a sound bite that is getting a lot of attention tonight, a lot of commentary on twitter and here in washington, what is exactly the president saying. why is he saying it. the president as you say was asked by chuck todd whether or not -- or he was asked about all those people in the individual markets here who have been forced all of their off plans
from his administration's botched obama care rollout. nbc's kristen welker joins us now. from the white house with all the details. kristen, thank you very much. good evening. what did you learn? >> reporter: larry, i think you hit it right on the head. the president trying to change the conversation today away from health care back to the economy. he was speaking at the port of new orleans, one of the biggest ports in the world. he talked about the importance of investing in infrastructure projects as a way to create jobs, talked about the importance of fixing roads, dredging ports and he also touted those job numbers that you were talking about at the top of your show, the fact that 204,000 jobs were created during the month of october, despite the government shutdown. but of course he couldn't help but to veer toward the subject of health care, the rocky rollout and particularly the glitches that continue to plague the health care website. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i promise you, nobody's been more frustrated -- i wanted to go in and fix it myself. but i don't write cod
tells us a lot about the markets overall. i believe a genuine bull market rally has been taking place for years. it's not a bubble. i don't think the bull cycle is over. by the way, stocks today closed at new all-time highs. the dow up another 128 points. also this evening evening, president obama wrapping up yet another pep rally, cheerleading obama care and probably defending his falsehoods. this time he's in texas. we'll get the reaction from lieutenant governor from that state and perhaps an escape hatch from obama care you need to know about. >>> chris christie gets the really big wins he was hoping for in new jersey. dick morris joining us live this evening. the "the kudlow report," we begin right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow, this is "the kudlow report." we're live here at 7 p.m. eastern/4 p.m. pacific. the twitter ipo will start trading tomorrow. kayla joins us now. good evening. what have you got. >> it came together before we came on air for "the kudlow report." twitter pricing at $26 per share. it's above the price range, above the increased range when they said they
stimulus, no reduction in bond buying. >>> and vice president dick cheney joins us from a one-on-one interview. we'll get his take on obama care, the in fighting among republicans, and his amazing heart transplant story. all those and much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live in washington, d.c., 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 pacific care. the federal government releases the shocking and under whel amming. they say the health care.gov is unlikely to be working. president obama's tech chief got grilled over the continued problems and glitches plaguing the website. we are here with cnbc's a m ayman jabers. >> very tough day for the obama administration. starting with the overall number of people who have signed up for obama care. the white house putting that number out this afternoon. 106,185 total people have signed up, 79,391 of those signed up through the state marketplaces, it was only 26,794 people who were able to sign up through that plagued website, healthcare.gov. what
obama said, okay, fine, if you like your plan you can keep it until next year. joining us with all of the details, good evening, john harwood. >> good evening, larry. i think there is less than meets the eye. the president said he was giving some insurers and state insurance commissioners the authority to extend plans by some extent even past 2014 as late as september 2015 if they choose to and many of them have chosen not to. that's because they are moving to the new world post-affordable care act with a new rate structure, risk pool, a new list of people to be insured that are expensive and therefore rates going up for some of the people enjoying plans who are healthy who haven't had a lot of health care expenses so far. so i think it's fair to say that this is more about political cover than actually changing the guts of the law and i think the calculation from the administration, layer larry, is that the president can buy some time with this until the website is working more effectively than he believes and democrats who support the law believe can get on the website and see th
game change" best-seller mark halperin is talking about them now, and he's going to join us tonight. >>> and we know the deal with iran is bad. we know the obama team is still defending it, but what does israel do now? we're about to ask a top israeli diplomat if his nation will strike and strike soon. all the stories and more coming up on "the kudlow report" starting now. >>> good evening. it's 7:00 p.m. eastern time, 4:00 p.m. pacific. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in for larry kudlow tonight. this is "the kudlow report." the newest enrollment numbers for obama care are out, 229,964. that is the state exchanges and also the latest number from health and human services on the federal exchanges. that's it. less than 230,000. colorado has signed up only 6,000 people so far. that's barely half of their worst case estimate was, and that comes despite, take a look at your screen, remember this, the aggressive and embarrassing ad campaign that was at times overtly sexual, this brosurance ad and this one from the website, do you got insurance.com where a girl hopes this guy is as easy to ge
. >> i agree. the parameters are closing. luke russert, you are the best. thank you for helping us out. >>> now more on today's election results a little later in the hour. the other top story, the ongoing obama care train wreck which is the white house trying to rewrite history. remember when our president retedly told us this, no matter how we reform health care to the american people, if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> but it turns out that wasn't actually the case. millions have seen their existing insurance plans canceled. now despite promising at least 29 times we just heard, president obama is resorting to a new deception. take a listen to this. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law's passed. >> so what happened to you could keep your plan, comma, period, mr. president. that was your first lie. this new
discussion. i think what he's doing now is what they used to say in nixon days the modified limited hang out. he's admitted some mistakes, he admits he want some changes. he'll blame it on the republicans. 5 million people had their plans cancelled. the reason their plans are cancelled is the insurance plans that those people have don't meet the requirements that the obama care law has set out. there are so many requirements and those plans are so onerous and sometimes so expensive that people -- that the current plans and the payments they are making are too low so the insurance companies have to cancel those policies because they don't fit the obama care law and now those people have to go on private exchanges and be much more expensive for them. >> james, you yourself, i think have acknowledged this. the democrats are running from obama on this point. you guys -- here's a list of people that submitted and co-sponsored legislation. mary landru, mark pryor. you got stuff out there from senator johnson. you got it in the house you got a bill. why doesn't president obama endorse it. >> let's
for liquidity and he saved us. unfortunately, i never liked q-2 or q-3, the reason is it didn't boost the money supply, didn't circulate through the money to create loans because of the 25 basis points he's giving. that's $2.3 trillion in excess reserves. to me that was a waste. on the other hand, the good news, my commodity indicators, dollar, gold, crashed. commodity prices -- >> no inflation anywhere. >> no inflation anywhere. and i give him credit for that. >> he saw through that. >> the whole republican party ran against him on inflation. and they were completely wrong. >> we went into the whole thing thinking if you boosted the money supply like that, you were going to get tons of inflation. it's changed our thinking. what the m-aggregates was we can only say on this show, it's a difference -- >> there's a difference between the balance sheet and m-aggregates. what you put on the balance sheet doesn't necessarily circulate anywhere. >> doesn't cause inflation. >> i think the 25 basis points had a lot to do with it. >> i think the fed did what it could do. i'm not saying it was the most ef
tweets. "mad money" thanks cramerica for being with us for over 2,000 episodes. >>> twitter, don't go crazy. you offer 20 billion and i'm out of here. always bull markets, i promise i promise to try to find it right for you here on madonna. i'm jim cramer. i'll see you monday! >>> good evening. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we're live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. we begin the developing news out at the los angeles international airport tonight where a shooting earlier today left one tsa agent dead and as many as seven others injured. we're awaiting a news conference from authorities in just a minute. but first, let's check in with cnbc's scott cohn who joins us now live with the latest details. good evening, scott. >> reporter: good evening, larry. friday morning at los angeles international airport. business travelers headed home at the end of the week. others getting an early start on the weekend when a man in the terminal pulls an assault rifle out of a bag and starts shooting. he blasts his way where passengers normally exit and then makes
more expensive plans instead. the author of that study is going to join us live. >>> and we're just a few hours away from election day. two key races in new jersey. a big chris christie win might make him the gop presidential front-runner. and in virginia, can republican ken cuccinelli pull a fast closing upset? those races tomorrow night. all those stories and much more coming up in "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we're live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. we have more headlines breaking today on the failure of obama care. here's the latest. a new study shows up to 129 people could lose their current health plans and face an average premium hike of 41% because of obama care rolls. we have more on that in just a couple minutes from the author of the study. >>> and documents acquired by nbc show that administration officials are worried that more and more americans will be angered when they learn about the real costs of obama care and that they may lose their doctors. but the big stor
-year period on record. the white house is saying it's because of obama care. if john joined us with the details of this debate. >> everybody knows the obama administration is being hammered for all the difficulties with obama care and its rollout from the website to the dislocation of some people who are losing their plans so the white house tried to push back. there's a slowdown. there's a lot of debate whether it's going to slow down in economic activity. jason if you areman, he put out a report today. he took partial credit driving down those costs. here are some of the headline numbers growth slowdown. first of all, for the last three years health care spending per capita has risen only 1% in the last three years. it's persisted even after the economy has recovered. health care price inflation, the cost of health care services is going up on a year-to-year basis according to the report only by 1% year over year. the benefits of that flow not just to american corporations and individuals but also to the government because according to the congressional budget office, the spe
with us. i want to bring in two other health experts. a former omb associate director for health problems. and senior fellow at the manhattan institute author of the new book out tomorrow "how medicaid fails the poor." we have to dissect this on the radio. i have to look at it. jim, welcome to the show. what's your take? can insurance companies with the renewal notices help people get through this bad pared as bob suggested? >> well, it can certainly help. it can't hurt. we have a disaster on our hands. the train wreck is upon us. there's no way to really put this thing back together again in a very easy way. i think we're going to have to do a couple of things. the early renewal policies. states should be pressured to allow that took cure. that's definitely an option that should be on the table. the second thing is the bill that the house republicans are working on and senator johnson in the senate that allows the plans that are currently in existence today to continue into 2014. i know a lot of people in the insurance industry say it's too late. candidly we got to put this thing back to
i want to give a big thanks to marc benioff for inviting us and sharing his insights. tomorrow we'll be talking to the ceo of yelp followed by so much more. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow. >>> breaking news on the obama care website. published reports say the white house is ready to let americans bail on healthcare.gov. go instead directly to the private insurance companies to sign up for coverage. that would reportedly include people who qualify for government subsidies. well, wait a minute. isn't going to insurance companies to get your insurance the old-fashioned way? who needs obama care in the first place? and how about this for an obama care fix. what about a total repeal? even "the new york times" reminded us today of the catastrophic medicare repeal back in 1989. might history be repeating itself? this as democratic leaders like nancy pelosi insist all is well. president obama himself about to rally his most ardent supporters and ask them to stand by th
service came up with these useful estimates. a doctor might be paid $100 for an office visit of a complex nature. medicare pays $90 of that. but for the same thing, the exchange plans are offering around $60 to $70. more upsetting to some doctors, they feel these rate reductions aren't being clearly spelled out, not being transparent. separately, the obama administration is pushing back the enrollment dates for the exchanges by eight more days. this means the new deadline to sign up is now december 23rd. anyone picking up a plan by then will be covered as of january 1. next year's deadline will be november 15th, 2014, instead of october 15th. there are some cynics that say the pushes in enrollment pushes it right back to after the mid-term elections. instead, larry, of just before it. back over to you. >> gee, you think it has something to do with the elections? how about that? dominic chu, cynic supreme. i want to start on these dramatically slashed doctors' fees. every day the true cost of obama care becomes clearer. here the doctors get squeezed performing the same services for bargain
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